Used Auto Parts- We have Tons of Parts

Used Auto Parts – Plenty of Parts to Sell

Has your “once-trusty” vehicle decided to quit on you?

Most likely it did not give you the advance warning to purchase a new part before the malfunction occurred. Cars can be rude like that.

When a part on your vehicle goes bad, your search for a new part is immediate. You do not have all the time in the world to research deals and wait, wait, wait for the new, overpriced part to come in.

We know the headache that you receive from not having a running vehicle. Life does not stop just because your car does. We get it.

Do you want to spend a chunk of your savings on the inconvenient malfunctioning car part? We hope not. We understand that car troubles are troublesome, and pricey. You should not have to pay an absurd amount of money for one part for your vehicle. We can help you save money, time and the hassle!

Our selection of thousands of used auto parts for a full range of trucks, cars and SUV’s is available now for your benefit. We have parts for newer model cars and older model cars alike. Come in to search our inventory or just look online and see for yourself that your #1 Auto Parts is the place to buy car parts.

How do we have such a wide selection of used auto parts in Geneva NY?

Because of our partnership of three area locations, we salvage hundreds of cars weekly and are the largest auto junk salvage yard in the area. If you need a part fast and easily, we can help you. Nn need to pay outrageous prices for a part that is newer than your vehicle. A lightly used auto part in our stock will replace your bad part and get you back on the road in no time.

Reliable Parts

We offer only the best, most reliable auto parts that come through our yard because we take advantage of salvage opportunities. There is a huge difference between salvaging and junking practices; salvaging is the process of extracting valuable parts for reuse. Junking is merely throwing out what might still be good, high quality parts! We focus on salvaging the good parts of vehicles they don’t end wasted up in landfills and so that you can catch a financial break on used parts.

On any day, we offer a full stock and do our best to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. We want to make sure that you are getting a real value for your part so that your car can return to it’s optimal running condition. And you can get back to your busy life!

Cost Effectiveness

No one can deny that purchasing used parts is cost-effective, but it can be a hassle searching used parts dealers to find the exact part that you need. That won’t be an issue with us. We carry a huge stock of used parts from many different years, models and makes. Our stock is constantly being updated to include the latest parts that are most frequently needed. With us, buying used parts IS cost-effective and a positive experience at the same time.

Do not waste your time or money waiting for another company to find your parts. Call us, visit our online inventory or stop by our locations today.

Save more, deal with less stress and acquire excellent condition, reliable used parts today! Your friends at #1 Auto Parts are at your service.